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3 July 2016

HIV: a real threat to Russia’s national security

How the Kremlin ignores real, non-imaginary threats

22 June 2016

Forgotten truth about the beginning of the war

How national memory of the dreadful war has been replaced by the narrative of a Great Victory 

10 June 2016

Who are the Russian Cossacks of Modern Times?

Those who want to pass off as Cossacks are predominantly motivated by earnings and are not the least bit interested in their identity 

3 June 2016

From social media to the slammer

Under threat of arrest and incarceration, the discussion of certain topics on the Internet is considered taboo by the Russian authorities.

27 May 2016

Russian Family Tyranny (Domostroy 2.0)

According to lawmakers, the law “should be compassionate to those who stumble” while beating their wives