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21 September 2016

“Human rights” at the behest of the regime

How Russia’s Commissioner for Human Rights helps bolster the Kremlin’s repressive regime

8 September 2016

How long will it be before 2011-2012 style mass protests reemerge?

Public sentiment after the Crimea reset

19 August 2016

Where did the Russian “democrats” disappear to?

25 years ago thousands of Russians took it to the streets, choosing democracy. Today, they are a part of Putin’s “majority”

9 August 2016

The history of the motto “Russia for Russians”

To what extent do contemporary Russian right-wingers resemble their predecessors?

20 July 2016

The Church against neo-paganism

Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church and representatives of the secular structure of the Holy Synod are paying closer attention to the spread of neo-paganism in Russia