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19 August 2016

Where did the Russian “democrats” disappear to?

25 years ago thousands of Russians took it to the streets, choosing democracy. Today, they are a part of Putin’s “majority”

9 August 2016

The history of the motto “Russia for Russians”

To what extent do contemporary Russian right-wingers resemble their predecessors?

20 July 2016

The Church against neo-paganism

Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church and representatives of the secular structure of the Holy Synod are paying closer attention to the spread of neo-paganism in Russia

3 July 2016

HIV: a real threat to Russia’s national security

How the Kremlin ignores real, non-imaginary threats

22 June 2016

Forgotten truth about the beginning of the war

How national memory of the dreadful war has been replaced by the narrative of a Great Victory