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20 March 2017

Russia’s Opposition: Can it be Great Again?

Here’s how to unite protest voters: from anti-corruption investigations, to the local agenda

8 March 2017

Russia’s Exceptional Diaspora

Why aren’t many Russian emigres willing to contribute to their former homeland?

17 February 2017

Conflict erupts over St. Isaac’s Cathedral: the end of neutrality

The fight for St. Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint Petersburg illustrates the deepening of the divide initiated by the Kremlin in 2012

7 February 2017

President Trump or: How Russians Learned to Stop Worrying and Came to Love the American Bomb

How Russians came to love the new US President and what the fluctuations in public opinion are indicative of

2 February 2017

Domestic violence equated to illegal parking

Battery committed against family members has been decriminalized in Russia. What are the consequences for victims? How are they to get protection under the law?