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4 January 2018

Conservative imperfection: The visual aesthetics of Leningrad

Having created a semantic and visual gallery of new Russian tricksters who break all the rules, Sergei Shnurov and the band Leningrad have become a machine for the reproduction and consolidation of the nation, confident of their civilizational righteousness

23 December 2017

The Olympics as an Allegory of War

For a post-Soviet society like Russia, Olympic achievement is a display of imperial prowess, and a traditional field of symbolic confrontation with the West.

23 October 2017

Here is How Russian Courts Define Extremism

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. This everyday expression is applicable to how experts in the humanities and social sciences determine whether a text is harmful or extreme

18 October 2017

Religious terror in modern Russia

Recent bouts of religious fundamentalism in Russia can be traced to neo-Oprichnik unions and brotherhoods

6 October 2017

The Russian State’s New Surprising Crusade ... Against “Orthodox Extremists”

The Russian government is now having to respond to those who are simply following extreme ideas that the state has been encouraging for years through its propaganda