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22 June 2017

The Forgotten Holocaust

In Russia’s World War II Commemorations, the Holocaust Remains an Unexamined Narrative

7 June 2017

Inevitable History: Russia’s New Compulsory Exam

Plans for a new compulsory history exam have worrying ideological undertones

29 May 2017

Cultural Undercurrents in the Post Soviet Space

Oral histories are emerging as a useful way for analysts to get beyond the facade of high politics, public discourse and popular protests in the post soviet space

9 May 2017

What the Public Thinks of Victory Day

Polling data provide insights into how Russians evaluate the significance of May 9th

8 May 2017

The Hypocrisy of Victory Day

Russia’s remaining veterans of the Second World War are honoured with lavish parades on Victory Day. But for the rest of the year, the government treats them with contempt