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12 March 2018

The Return of Punitive Psychiatry

Activists and journalists are increasingly being punished with forced psychiatric detention — an authoritarian means of silencing, discrediting and “correcting” dissent. 

15 February 2018

Sickness and Injustice in Russia’s Prisons

Prisoners serving time in Russia are denied access to healthcare, consistently and systematically. That can prove fatal for thousands of inmates every year. 

26 January 2018

Who is Optimistic About the Future of Russia — And Why?

A recent survey looks at what specific factors underpin an average Russian optimist’s worldview

8 January 2018

National Pride in Russia

A recent round of surveys show an interesting set of responses for what Russian citizens tend to be proud of

4 January 2018

Conservative imperfection: The visual aesthetics of Leningrad

Having created a semantic and visual gallery of new Russian tricksters who break all the rules, Sergei Shnurov and the band Leningrad have become a machine for the reproduction and consolidation of the nation, confident of their civilizational righteousness