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3 October 2017

Why Russia Still Has Conscription

For all the strong arguments that conscription is expensive, archaic and ineffective when it comes to defending territory in a modern war, conscripted troops are seen as a useful internal political tool for Russia’s authorities

30 August 2017

Two years in Syria: What’s the balance?

The closer the defeat of ISIS, the more confused Moscow gets

21 July 2017

The ominous rise of Russian National Guard

How Putin’s ‘personal army’ is evolving one year after its creation

18 July 2017

The Implausibility of a “Patriotic Hacker”

What does the nature of cyberattacks against Ukraine show us 

24 May 2017

The CSTO in 2017 and how Russia exploits its allies

The CSTO as a Russian policy tool for the post-Soviet space