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7 November 2017

Fresh Sanctions Take Aim at Russia’s Defense Industry

The United States has hit Russia with another round of economic sanctions. In this latest round, 33 of the country’s defence contractors have found themselves in the firing line. What does this mean for Russia and its military industrial complex?

2 November 2017

Hazing, Suicides and Unreported Deaths in the Russian Army

How did the Russian army change over time?

25 October 2017

Space Power: What is Russia’s Military Strategy in Outer Space?

By focusing on satellites with military capabilities, Russia covers up its shortfall of commercial space activity while emphasising its claims to great power status

3 October 2017

Why Russia Still Has Conscription

For all the strong arguments that conscription is expensive, archaic and ineffective when it comes to defending territory in a modern war, conscripted troops are seen as a useful internal political tool for Russia’s authorities

30 August 2017

Two years in Syria: What’s the balance?

The closer the defeat of ISIS, the more confused Moscow gets