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20 February 2018

A Political Renewal in the Russian Army

Political officers in the military had disappeared along with the Soviet Union. Now they are back again. The government’s aim is greater ideological control over the command structures of the nation’s armed forces, especially in light of any potential internal unrest.

2 February 2018

Russia’s Military and the Illusion of Symmetry

By reinforcing its military on its Western frontier, Russia is attempting to create an image of parity between its own forces and those of the NATO alliance. The reality is much more asymmetrical, hence increasingly asymmetrical tactics from the Kremlin.

3 January 2018

Returning Home from Syria

How victims and former supporters of ‘Islamic State’ are welcomed back to Russia

22 December 2017

Russia’s Defense Capabilities in 2018

War weary and under financial pressure, Russia’s defence and security policy will remain assertive in 2018, but there will also be a greater degree of risk aversion. 

17 November 2017

A Closer Look at Russia’s Arctic Muscle Flexing

As global oil prices stay low, as federal budgets tighten, and as prospective trade along the Northern Sea Route remains risky, why is Russia continuing to build up its military presence in the Arctic?