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Russia / World

5 May 2017

Can Russia Deter North Korea?

North Korea’s renewed focus on its nuclear weapons program is alarming its neighbours. Is the Kremlin willing, or able, to get Pyongyang to back down?

25 April 2017

A Dangerous Flirtation: Russia and the Taliban

By seeking a larger role in Afghanistan, the Kremlin is playing with fire. Any miscalculation could bring a greater influx of drugs and jihad into Russia

18 April 2017

Putin Woos the American Fringe

The fringe of American politics is rich with political groupings that have little in common with each other except their shared loathing of America’s political mainstream – and their curious fondness for Vladimir Putin’s Russia

6 April 2017

Russia in East Asia: Ambitions Fall Short of Reality

Russia’s declared Pivot to Asia means mostly more co-operation with China, but limited engagement with other regional players

16 March 2017

A Russian Constitution for Syria?

Russia in the new round of intra-Syrian talks