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Russia / World

11 October 2017

Dartmouth Conference: from escalation to dialogue?

What US and Russian delegations discussed at the bilateral forum

21 September 2017

Russia’s Nuclear Power Politics in the Middle East

By exporting its nuclear energy expertise to the region, Moscow has won greater influence in various Middle Eastern capitals. But political risks abound, and international competitors are closing in

15 September 2017

Is Russia Thinking About a Pivot Back to Europe?

With US-Russia relations still getting worse rather than better, and Russia’s Pivot to the East having limited success, is Moscow now seeking reconciliation with Paris and Berlin over Ukraine?

12 July 2017

A sober view of the Putin-Trump “Bromance”

Why Trump’s presidency is a tougher challenge for Russia than Obama’s

5 July 2017

Why is the US Congress stalling on further sanctions?

Congress and the White House are at loggerheads over how to respond to Russian meddling in US elections. It has left a new round of sanctions on Russia in limbo