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Russia / World

15 September 2017

Is Russia Thinking About a Pivot Back to Europe?

With US-Russia relations still getting worse rather than better, and Russia’s Pivot to the East having limited success, is Moscow now seeking reconciliation with Paris and Berlin over Ukraine?

12 July 2017

A sober view of the Putin-Trump “Bromance”

Why Trump’s presidency is a tougher challenge for Russia than Obama’s

5 July 2017

Why is the US Congress stalling on further sanctions?

Congress and the White House are at loggerheads over how to respond to Russian meddling in US elections. It has left a new round of sanctions on Russia in limbo

27 June 2017

‘The Putin Interviews’ and the Kremlin’s Useful Idiot

“The Interviews” may be more instrumental for the Kremlin than it seems at the first sight

9 June 2017

The logic of the Kremlin Gate

What is the rationale behind Moscow’s attempts to interfere in European and the US elections?