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Russia / World

16 February 2018

The Kremlin Remains Fixated on its Relations with the US

Although there has been much talk of Russia’s pivot to Asia, the question of Russia’s tense relations with America will dominate Putin’s fourth term.

13 February 2018

Conflicting Views: How the Russian Public Perceives Relations with America

A new survey shows how Russians might be open to changing their views about America. There is a growing willingness for cooperation, but a persistent reluctance for their country to make concessions. 

24 January 2018

Russian foreign policy: To overcome structural inertia

Putin has taught the world an important lesson: If you are the ruler of a great superpower and you are doing so well that you can rest on your laurels, inertia will drag you back into your past, having ruthlessly devoured decades of wasted time

18 January 2018

Propaganda in a Fake News World

As discussed in the first part of this essay, Fake News is a broad and politically loaded term to describe the spreading of lies for a wide variety of purposes or even by mistake. How, then, does propaganda fit into today’s Fake News landscape?

17 January 2018

Fake news: The truth behind the lies

Here is the full story of how fake news gets made — the motives and means of its commissioning and production