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18 January 2018

Propaganda in a Fake News World

As discussed in the first part of this essay, Fake News is a broad and politically loaded term to describe the spreading of lies for a wide variety of purposes or even by mistake. How, then, does propaganda fit into today’s Fake News landscape?

17 January 2018

Fake news: The truth behind the lies

Here is the full story of how fake news gets made — the motives and means of its commissioning and production

15 January 2018

Russia might lose billions of dollars in Iraq

Rosneft’s contracts with Iraqi authorities in Baghdad — and an investment deal with secessionist authorities in Iraqi Kurdistan — are both in jeopardy. Billions are at stake.

20 December 2017

Putin Aeterna?

The upcoming presidential elections are a formality. The West should already be thinking about how to respond to at least another six years of Putinism.

1 December 2017

Russian-Indian Defence Co-operation Reaches A Deadlock

What went wrong in the military and technical co-operation between Russia and India?