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Russia / World

15 November 2017

Can there be peace in a post-ISIS Syria?

The impending defeat of ISIS in Syria will do little to resolve the problems that gave birth to it. As 2017 draws to a close, the causes of the Syrian Civil War still blight the conflict-torn landscape

1 November 2017

Putin’s Foreign Policy Impasse ... Until the Elections

As presidential elections approach, Russia’s foreign policy has been put on hold. What policy shifts come after next year’s elections can only be understood by looking back over recent talking points.

11 October 2017

Dartmouth Conference: from escalation to dialogue?

What US and Russian delegations discussed at the bilateral forum

21 September 2017

Russia’s Nuclear Power Politics in the Middle East

By exporting its nuclear energy expertise to the region, Moscow has won greater influence in various Middle Eastern capitals. But political risks abound, and international competitors are closing in

15 September 2017

Is Russia Thinking About a Pivot Back to Europe?

With US-Russia relations still getting worse rather than better, and Russia’s Pivot to the East having limited success, is Moscow now seeking reconciliation with Paris and Berlin over Ukraine?