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Russia / Europe

10 March 2016

Bosnia and Herzegovina under the gun

20 years after the war, the current confrontation between Russia and the West is generating new tensions in the Balkans

25 February 2016

Ukraine’s New, Old Elite

Instead of truly implementing a program of reforms, Ukraine’s new, old elite wax lyrical about the “European vector in the country’s development”

18 February 2016

Forget Ukraine Fatigue

How the Kremlin’s Hybrid War against Ukraine Spoiled the Euromaidan Revolution

15 February 2016

Revolutionism as a synonym of Europeanness

On the misunderstood soviet legacy, that benefits Ukraine 

31 January 2016

Boris Gryzlov – A change of Kremlin policy in the Donbas?

Why everything remains easily reversible in the occupied Donbas for the Kremlin