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Russia / Europe

10 January 2017

Has Moscow come up with Lukashenko’s successor?

The 2017 agenda in Russian-Belarusian relations

4 January 2017

Do the Russians want a hybrid war in the Balkans?

The Kremlin’s anti-Western policy hinders cooperation with all countries in the region, including Serbia

21 December 2016

Moldova: the integration of integrations

Following Georgia’s lead, Moldova wants to normalize its relations with Russia. However, this can only be partially fulfilled within the framework of bilateral relations. 

5 December 2016

The Scandinavian equilibrium: between Russia and NATO

Finland and Sweden have embarked on a special path towards protection against unpredictable Russian policy. Do these countries intend to maintain their non-aligned status? 

22 November 2016

Crimean “saboteurs”

Why does the FSB flatter Ukraine?