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Russia / Europe

28 April 2017

Thus Votes South Ossetia: A Referendum the Kremlin Would Prefer to Ignore

A new leader in South Ossetia has won power after promising a referendum on whether to join the Russian Federation. Unlike in Crimea, the Kremlin seems uninterested in making its control official

4 April 2017

The New Russian Renaissance

Why the Kremlin is fascinated by classical antiquity

27 March 2017

War in the Courts: Ukraine, Russia and the ICJ

Ukraine’s case against the Russian Federation at the UN’s International Court of Justice will be hard for Ukraine to win, let alone enforce. But Ukraine’s legal team at the ICJ have approached the case intelligently, putting Russia on the back foot
24 March 2017

Russia’s Slow Pivot Away From Europe

The results of 5 years of pivoting away from Europe are not impressive
14 March 2017

Crimea. The battle of myths

Why is Russia discriminating against Crimean Tatars?