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Russia / Europe

6 February 2017

Russia's future in the Council of Europe

Consequences of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation's ruling on the precedence of Russian law over the European Convention on Human Rights

3 February 2017

The emancipation of Ukraine

Ukraine, which redelineates its borders with ever-increasing thickness, could not care less about the emotions stirred in Moscow

10 January 2017

Has Moscow come up with Lukashenko’s successor?

The 2017 agenda in Russian-Belarusian relations

4 January 2017

Do the Russians want a hybrid war in the Balkans?

The Kremlin’s anti-Western policy hinders cooperation with all countries in the region, including Serbia

21 December 2016

Moldova: the integration of integrations

Following Georgia’s lead, Moldova wants to normalize its relations with Russia. However, this can only be partially fulfilled within the framework of bilateral relations.