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Russia / Europe

12 October 2017

Whither the Alternative for Germany?

Despite the AfD’s success at the ballot box this September, Germany’s right wing populists are experiencing growing pains

5 October 2017

Russian Media’s Homage to Catalonia

While Kremlin officials themselves have to play down their support of Catalonia for diplomatic and domestic reasons, state media channels have been full of emotive coverage of the Catalan Crisis

2 October 2017

What happens when Chechens seek asylum in Europe?

Overshadowed by immigration from the Middle East and Africa in recent years, the migration of Chechens from Russia to Europe is a topic that few discuss. 

19 September 2017

‘Alternative for Germany’ and the Kremlin: A marriage of convenience?

Ideology and pragmatism go hand in hand in the relations between the German right-wing populists and the Russian elite

6 September 2017

Estonia’s ‘Russian Question’

At this October’s local elections in Estonia, perennial questions of language, citizenship and ethnicity will be at the forefront of how country’s political party platforms will try to win the Russian speaker vote