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Russia / Europe

30 November 2017

Unexpected Freedom for two Crimean Tatar Dissidents

What is the wider game behind Vladimir Putin’s surprising presidential pardon of two political prisoners from Crimea?

25 November 2017

Russian-speaking Germans: Who are they?

Germans with a post-Soviet migration background are a diverse grouping who are poorly represented in German politics and scarcely understood by the national news media. This has led to some dangerous misconceptions over the last few years.

13 November 2017

German Lessons for the Russian World

Contemporary Germany’s decentralised politics, and its treatment of German speakers beyond its borders, should be a model for Russia. Instead, Russia seems to be following the dangerous and flawed path of 1930s Germany

30 October 2017

Russia’s Kosovo Fixation

Although its influence in the region has been in decline for years, the Russian government is stoking tensions in the Balkans

16 October 2017

The Varying Degrees of Autocracy in Russia and Hungary

Politics in Hungary and Russia seem similar these days. A closer look shows two rather different shades of authoritarian rule