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Russia / Europe

9 February 2018

Germany’s Critics of Russia Sanctions: What Motivates Them?

Various politicians of leading German parties are proposing to lift sanctions against Russia. Their influence is debatable and so are their motives. 

30 January 2018

Armenia is Rethinking Relations with Russia

The growing regional power of Azerbaijan, through its foreign investments and arms imports, combined with waning investments into Armenia from Russia, is causing policy makers in Yerevan to question Russia’s future reliability as a provider of security and economic assistance.

28 December 2017

How Does Hungary Choose its Friends?

Hungary is trying to have its cake and eat it, receiving substantial financial support from the EU and fostering ties with Russia at the same time. How long can that double game continue?

12 December 2017

The Politicization of Nord Stream 2 in Germany

The fate of Nord Stream 2 has become a bone of contention in Germany’s coalition talks

30 November 2017

Unexpected Freedom for two Crimean Tatar Dissidents

What is the wider game behind Vladimir Putin’s surprising presidential pardon of two political prisoners from Crimea?