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7 May 2017

The Renovation of Politics in Moscow

A careless, state-backed renovation project in the Russian capital is reigniting political activism

3 May 2017

The Dizzying Whimsy of Russia’s Election Laws

Russia’s Federal State Duma is addicted to amending its election laws, a cynical way of wrong footing opposition forces and maintaining control

14 April 2017

The (Hushed Up) Story of Russia’s Trucker Revolt

Long distance truckers are protesting, but state media and officials are strangely silent

13 April 2017

Ivan Ilyin: A Fashionable Fascist

By approving of Ivan Ilyin’s philosophy, the Russian state is effectively sugar coating a holder of bitterly fascist views

30 March 2017

Putin The Omnipresent?

Critics and allies of Vladimir Putin usually have little in common. But both share an embarrassing and dangerous conceit that Russia’s president is omnipresent.