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14 November 2016

Elections in the regions: a deceptive triumph and the regional Zaporozhets

The headache of divides within the power elite instead of the non-systemic opposition

10 November 2016

What are the Kremlin's next moves with Kiriyenko on board?

Why does the Kremlin need Kiriyenko now? and What are the consequences of his appointment? 

17 October 2016

Igor Sechin: Is the license afforded to Putin’s Darth Vader absolute?

Is Sechin going to be given a longer leash than Zolotov was?

5 October 2016

The Maltsev era

How new populism operates in Russia

27 September 2016

Daughterland [Rodina-Doch’]: Erotic patriotism and Russia's future

Conservative mobilization and sexualization of the nation