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14 June 2017

The monopoly on symbolic Russia has been broken

Putin’s generation is dreaming of a new Russian president

30 May 2017

How Russians Perceive Information War

The virtual war with the West is smoothly turning into a conflict between the authorities and the opposition

25 May 2017

The Curious Rise of ‘Non-Political’ Protests

The latest events in Moscow are proof that modern Russian protests can be divided into two distinct types: political and ‘non-political’

18 May 2017

The Great Russian Phantom

In order for Russia to become anything modern – a country, society, state, commonwealth or republic – it should stop being a gosudarstvo

16 May 2017

Champions of inefficiency

The saga of the St. Petersburg stadium, set to host 2018 FIFA World Cup matches, demonstrates that the regime is no longer even capable of coping with projects aimed at improving its image