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31 July 2017

Echoes of a deceased federation

The example of Tatarstan proves that formal institutions in Russia are eroding

17 July 2017

Television of the future: How video bloggers are changing the media landscape

The Internet is changing the form and content of political campaigning

14 July 2017

Moscow reconstruction: interim results

Reconstruction was supposed to be a triumph for City Hall. Instead it has turned into a mixture of twisted meanings, dubious compromises and outright lies

7 July 2017

Regional power in Russia: why is it getting more fragile?

From the prime minister down to municipalities and local police forces, power in modern Russia is precariously reliant on the authority of the president

27 June 2017

The new antiquity versus the new Middle Ages

In Russia, the ideas of second modernism and industrial sovereignty have not yet gone beyond conservative avant-garde but this should be anticipated in the nearest future given today’s growing international isolation