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2 August 2017

Single-candidate elections: boycott or sabotage?

What can Russian society do in a situation where presidential elections have become a meaningless ritual with an orchestrated finale?

31 July 2017

Echoes of a deceased federation

The example of Tatarstan proves that formal institutions in Russia are eroding

17 July 2017

Television of the future: How video bloggers are changing the media landscape

The Internet is changing the form and content of political campaigning

14 July 2017

Moscow reconstruction: interim results

Reconstruction was supposed to be a triumph for City Hall. Instead it has turned into a mixture of twisted meanings, dubious compromises and outright lies

7 July 2017

Regional power in Russia: why is it getting more fragile?

From the prime minister down to municipalities and local police forces, power in modern Russia is precariously reliant on the authority of the president