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26 October 2017

The Closing of the Russian Mind

The decision to boost funding for Russian universities was an admirable policy that has already improved the global standing of Russian higher education. But these efforts are being undermined by overbearing political cronyism and undue pressure on academic freedoms

20 October 2017

Voting for a candidate who does not exist

An experiment by the Levada Center reveals a minority of the population willing to express an opinion on a presidential candidate who does not actually exist. What does this say about Russian voting intentions ahead of next year’s presidential elections?

25 September 2017

Kadyrov’s Myanmar offensive and its consequences

Is Moscow trying to take the lead on the Islamic issue?

10 September 2017

Grozny - Moscow: Two rallies, one fear

What do the Muslim rallies in Russia reveal 

4 September 2017

The Deep Roots of Russia’s Young Protestors

Grassroots youth activism in Russia is not nearly so novel as people think