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9 March 2018

‘A Hedgehog Empire’ and ‘Nuclear Orthodoxy’

The radical and conservative context of Putin’s New Russian Doctrine 

28 February 2018

An Election With No Alternatives

A series of implausible candidates remain to make up the numbers and provide some colour to an election that has become a clear formality for Vladimir Putin. Is this all just a vicious sociological experiment?

7 February 2018

Russia’s Recurring States of Emergency

Russia’s authorities are increasingly declaring states of emergency as a way to maintain and consolidate political control. It is becoming a default tactic, one that looks set to continue.

15 December 2017

Putin's 150 Promises

An analysis of Putin's publicly stated promises shows how rarely the Russian leader gets pinned down to pledging anything large-scale, concrete and specific. And when that does happen, it is anyone’s guess whether those promises will be fulfilled.

14 December 2017

Two Landmark Cases that will Change Russia

By allowing one of the largest state-controlled companies to determine what is lawful and who is guilty, the Russian state has placed itself in a very difficult position