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13 September 2017

What about Pensions?

An underlying issue at next year’s presidential elections is how to bring certainty and stability to Russia’s cash-strapped pension system. So far, the authorities have tiptoed around the matter

11 August 2017

Without reforms, economic sclerosis awaits

What are Putin's economic policy options if he retains power in 2018?

13 July 2017

“Digital disease” and the cure for it

Why the Kremlin has gotten interested in cryptocurrencies

3 July 2017

A Careless Tax on Tourists

A hastily enacted tax on tourists in Russia risks incentivising large-scale tax (and beach) evasion. The only winner will be the Turkish tourism industry.

17 May 2017

An oil well of taxpayers

The low taxes myth or how Kremlin is “pumping” money out of citizens’ pockets