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27 September 2017

Danger and Dysfunction in Russia’s Private Banking Sector

Russia’s Central Bank launched a recent clean-up operation to stop Russia’s largest private bank Otkritie from going bankrupt. A one trillion-rouble “hole” had been discovered in Otkritie’s assets. Almost immediately after that, the Central Bank had to bailout another – BinBank, Russia’s 12th largest. Where does this leave the country’s private banking sector? 

23 September 2017

How Transneft lost its legal battle against Sberbank

Despite normally wielding vast influence in Russia’s courts, Transneft fell foul of an unwritten rule: State energy businesses may attack private firms but not other state enterprises

18 September 2017

Sanctions Therapy?

Sanctions are effectively remodeling Russia's financial relations within the country at the same time as it redraws its financial links with the outside world

13 September 2017

What about Pensions?

An underlying issue at next year’s presidential elections is how to bring certainty and stability to Russia’s cash-strapped pension system. So far, the authorities have tiptoed around the matter

11 August 2017

Without reforms, economic sclerosis awaits

What are Putin's economic policy options if he retains power in 2018?