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21 March 2018

The Politics Beneath Rosneft’s Bottom Line

The firm’s proximity to the Russian state is a mixed blessing internationally, particularly in a context of sanctions, but has allowed for a dominant market position in Russia itself

5 February 2018

Understanding Russia’s Appetite for Uranium

Russia is quietly competing with China for influence over global nuclear energy production, whether that means jostling for nuclear plant construction contracts, or securing access to uranium extraction in Central Asia.

9 January 2018

The Kremlin’s Lack of New Year’s Resolutions

After failing to meet pledges made before Vladimir Putin’s  2012 election, Russia’s authorities are not promising much this time around

27 December 2017

Russia’s Economy in 2017: Stable But Troubled

Higher oil prices, state investment and Central Bank activism have maintained surface stability in the Russian economy this year, but there are still significant undercurrents that could serve to accelerate political reforms in 2018.

6 December 2017

Two Lean Years: Russia’s Budget for 2018-20

A worrying few years lie ahead for Russia’s economy. The Russian government is cash-strapped at both national and regional levels, and it will be education, health, wages and welfare that take the hit. High military spending is set to continue.