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About us

Intersection: Russia/Europe/World is an online journal designed to provide in-depth analysis of political, economic, legal and social developments in Russia, and their regional, European and global ramifications. Intersection brings together an international team of regular and ad-hoc contributors, both established experts and those at the early stages of their careers, to create a network-based community dedicated to an open and honest dialogue about contemporary Russia. 

Intersection is a journal providing analysis consistent with facts and reality. It is an open platform, giving voice to all experts and researchers who propose exclusive and original analysis. It is a discussion platform, fostering transparent debate and promoting wide public engagement. It is also our aim to seek and promote the next generation of Russia's foreign and domestic experts.

With a goal of bridging the gap between Russia and the Western world, Intersection publishes all material in both English and Russian. Materials are available free of subscription. 


Editorial board:

Łukasz Adamski

Anton Barbashin

Fabian Burkhardt

Sławomir Dębski

Olga Irisova

Damir Marusic

Ernest Wyciszkiewicz



Anton Barbashin, Managing Editor

Olga Irisova, Senior Editor

Richard Martyn-Hemphill, Editor 


Ernest Wyciszkiewicz, Editor-in-Chief


Submission Guidelines

Intersection welcomes submissions from wide range of authors, qualified specialists and academics. Prospective contributors should consider the following guidelines for publication at Intersection:

  • The submission must be an original analysis, exclusive to Intersection. Publications that have appeared elsewhere in any language will not be considered. 
  • The submission must be relevant to Intersection aims (see above).
  • Prospective authors are requested to provide a brief proposal (70-100 words) stating the main thesis and arguments, and the author’s qualifications and affiliation. After a proposal is accepted by the Board, the author will be asked to prepare the full submission which must be in either English (1000-1200 words) or Russian (7000-8000 characters). 
  • Intersection aims to reach a broad audience. The submission should not contain footnotes, but URL’s for citation are welcome where appropriate.
  • All submissions must be sent to intersection@intersectionproject.eu. Authors whose submission will be considered for publication will receive a response within four working days. 
  • All submissions will be reviewed by three members of the Editorial Board. Authors should be ready to receive questions and comments from the Editorial Board that must be reviewed before publication.
  • Authors whose publications will appear on Intersection will receive a fee.